General perspective plan of hromadas’ amalgamation has been formed by 85%, - Hennadii Zubko

Decentralisation implemented by the Government of Ukraine is considered by many experts to be the most important and successful of all the reforms launched after the Euromaidan. Its key goal is that everyone should live in a self-sufficient and capable hromada. And we did it – we transferred our powers, resources, responsibility, said Hennadii Zubko, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services, in an interview to Ukrinform.

“Since the beginning of decentralisation in 2014, the country has had 10,998 rural, settlement and small urban hromadas. Today, 4,277 of them have amalgamated in 924 capable hromadas. That is about 40 percent amalgamated,” said Hennadii Zubko.

According to him, perspective plans are to be finalised this year, and they will show what the country will be like after amalgamation is completed. This general perspective plan has been formed by 85 percent of Ukraine's territory. So, the task is absolutely realistic – to form a 100% coverage of the whole territory of Ukraine by perspective plans till the end of this year.

“If we take the most optimistic scenario with all capable hromadas, then there are approximately 1,400 hromadas. If we take the current perspective plan, it envisages approximately 1540-1550 hromadas. They are a bit smaller, but this is the perspective plan that is being shown to us now by the oblasts,” Hennadii Zubko said.

He stressed that the important task is not only to amalgamate, but also to build a management system that would enable development. “The management system that makes people aware they have the resources, the tax base, and that they can plan for three or five years in advance – allows them to see their ability to make sectoral changes. And the main issue is human development, since only in the conditions with a new quality of services, a new management system, with a possibility of delegation of all powers, there is a possibility of attracting investments,” the official stressed.

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General perspective plan of hromadas’ amalgamation has been formed by 85%, - Hennadii Zubko


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