Modern solution to help hromadas monitor deforestation

Hromadas are invited to use electronic products based on open satellite data and the latest GIS technologies developed within the framework of the "E-solutions for Hromadas" project.

ArcGIS Online-based analytical solutions will be provided to pilot hromadas participating in the Project that will implement an analytical model for identifying losses from forest fellings.

What opportunities does the web application provide to pilot hromadas participating in the Project?

  • knowledge of hromada resources and their characteristics (landscape, slope exposures, types of ground cover, etc.);
  • ability to analyse and calculate these resources;
  • monitoring itself, namely: a system for collecting, processing and analysing objective information;
  • as well as a basis for recording and analysing the situation in the hromada, which allows timely managerial decision-making.

In order to demonstrate how the results of the application will look like, a short video was created showing the forest losses in the Slavska AH over 2000-2014 (according to the University of Maryland):

The list of other analytical e-solutions, selected for processing by the Project participants, can be found at the link:

The Е-Solutions for Hromadas” project is implemented by the Centre for Innovations Development with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.


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