Another 108 AHs received land outside settlements, says Prime Minister

The process of transferring land located outside the boundaries of a settlement into ownership of amalgamated hromadas launched by the Government is an additional opportunity for the development of AHs and an additional incentive for their amalgamation.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman claimed during the solemn ceremony of transferring of certificates for use of land plots outside settlements. Certificates were handed over to the heads of hromadas in 4 regions, but 108 hromadas all over the country received such documents within the framework of the decentralisation reform and transferring  of land resources to AHs. The total area of land transferred makes up 142 thousand hectares. These are the AHs that united in 2018 and got the right to use land. Last year, 647 hromadas received land plots. 1.45 million hectares of land have been transferred to ownership of such AHs.

"I congratulate hromadas. They did the right thing", the Head of Government said. According to him, the land resource is the opportunity envisaging attraction of investors and creation of new industrial capacities. "I stand for providing  the hromadas with the opportunity  to fill the budget through the development of local business and industry," Volodymyr Groysman added.

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Another 108 AHs received land outside settlements, says Prime Minister

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