Photos are still accepted for the contest "Breaking stereotypes: Strong women of my hromada"

The U-LEAD with Europe Programme reminds that the works for the photo contest "Breaking stereotypes: Strong women of my hromada", devoted to issues of gender equality in hromadas, are still being accepted.

The history knows many wonderful women. Their work - whether through protests, social activity, or online campaigns - has given real changes proving that the world is becoming a better and equal place. They promoted not only equal rights for women and social consciousness, but also maintained and improved people’s lives in a global way. We are sure that there are inspiring women in each hromada, who lead and are an example of decency, perseverance, professionalism...

Join the contest, register on the website and share the stories of strong Ukrainian women who are not afraid to raise their voices, actively engage in the life of their own city, village or urban-type settlement, and inspire by their own example.

For any questions regarding the photo contest, please contact Vlada Solovyova, Junior Adviser on Reform Communications of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, via

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