10 more AHs can form in Rivne Oblast till the end of the year

There are already 35 AHs in the Rivne Oblast, and this is half of the planned number. Currently, amalgamation processes are ongoing in the Berezne, Volodymyrets, Dubno, Zdolbuniv, Kostopil, Ostroh, Rivne Rayons.



At the press conference in the Local Government Development Centre the speakers told about the state of affairs in the oblast as far as the main reform is concerned.

According to Oleksandr Korniychuk, deputy head of the Oblast State Administration, the Rivne Oblast occupies a "middle ground" in terms of decentralisation among all oblasts, and this was preceded by hard work done.




In turn, Ruslan Syvyi, Rivne LGDC director, stressed that hromadas are currently amalgamating voluntarily. And a lot depends on the head of the territory.

Serhii Pylypchuk, head of the Buhrynska AH, one of eldest hromadas in the oblast, emphasised that decentralisation is one of the main reforms of the state.



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