Kharkiv Rayon defined primary healthcare development priorities

The Kharkiv Rayon became the first one, where the Strategy for the Development of Primary Healthcare Centres was presented. Serhii Chernov, Head of the Kharkiv Oblast Council, deputies of the Oblast Council, rayon leaders and specialists, village and settlement leaders, representatives of civil society organisations, activists joined the discussion on the Strategies that were prepared under the project “Effective Primary Healthcare in Hroamda”, implemented under the EU Programme “Support to Civil Society, Local Authorities and Human Rights in Ukraine” and funded by the European Union.

In his speech Serhii Chernov emphasised that the project is coordinated by the Kharkiv Oblast Council, and implemented in order to carry out a medical reform in the course of time not only in large cities, but also in the countryside.

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Kharkiv Rayon defined primary healthcare development priorities

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