Flights on planes, trout farms, Scythian settlements... Interesting treasures of Zaporizhzhia hromadas

The coast of the Azov Sea extending along the Zaporizhzhia Oblast no longer requires special advertising. Hromadas annually add new features – arrange embankments, set up entertainment facilities, offer excursions. However, AHs located at a considerable distance from the resorts prioritise tourism development in their development strategies as well. Historical buildings, recreational zones, flights on airplanes, rafting, kraft production... These are just several tourist attractions in hromadas presented at the round table meeting on “Tourism Potential in AHs of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast”, held on 16 April in the Zaporizhzhia Local Government Development Centre. The purpose of the event was not only to show opportunities for exciting leisure activities, but also to establish cooperation with representatives of business, associations and public associations working in the field of tourism development.

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