Over 400 AH residents employed in Kharkiv Oblast since the beginning of the year

Volodymyr Minenko, director of the Kharkiv Oblast Employment Centre, told about extension of cooperation with amalgamated hromadas.

He noted that the institution he heads had already entered into agreements on joint activities with 17 AHs of the Kharkiv Oblast. According to Mr Minenko, the partnership envisages systematic cooperation in order to ensure employment of hromada residents, create and preserve jobs, organise training, retraining and advanced training of employed and unemployed citizens, attract international technical assistance to support business initiatives of local residents.

"The development and function of AH depend in many respects on full-time staffing. Our common task is to help create new jobs, support employers, help people to get employment and receive decent salaries," said Volodymyr Minenko.

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