Education reform is creation of quality system from pre-school to high educational institutions, - Volodymyr Groysman

Introduced by the Government reform of education is to develop a system of high-quality educational services from kindergarten to higher educational institution in order to educate generations of competent and competitive people and specialists in each particular sector. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said during a meeting of the Coordinating Council on the implementation of reforms in education. This advisory body was established with the purpose of raising the coordination of actions at all levels of government to a new level in the context of changes taking place in different directions.

The key theme of today's meeting of the Council, which took place in Dnipro, was the development of vocational education. Currently, 745 vocational schools provide professional training in Ukraine. And this indicator is declining for various reasons, inter alia the lack of funding, outdated equipment and a significant gap in curricula with the real demands of modern technological production. As a result, the shortage of production personnel is becoming increasingly tangible for the growing Ukrainian industry. And in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, in an industrialized region where high-tech production facilities are concentrated, this is especially noticeable.

Therefrom, the development of vocational education has become the priority of the Government within the framework of a comprehensive reform of education. Thus, over the past two years, 100 educational and practical centers with 6 industry branches and 17 professions have been established throughout the country. The total amount of budget financing for equipping centers and updating training programs amounted to about UAH 200 million.

According to the Head of Government, "New Ukrainian School", reform of vocational education and higher education – all those mean not a ‘cosmetic repair’, but a major restructuring, a landmark investment project. Moreover, at the level of preschool education and secondary education, reforms are already tangible. In recent years, due to budget support and financial decentralization, the queues for admission to kindergartens have been reduced threefold. The network of pre-school establishments is growing almost every month throughout the country. The number of upgraded schools, including those equipped to meet the requirements of the new educational space, is also growing. There are 778 basic schools operating in Ukraine in a bid to provide a qualitatively new level of educational services.

According to the Head of Government, local authorities are actively involved in the reform of the education process. "Due to the decentralization reform, the volume of local budgets will reach UAH 270 billion. And this decentralization tool should help to create a quality environment, including in the education sector", said Volodymyr Groysman. "We have to create a high-quality new system in Ukraine - from pre-school to higher education."

The Head of Government reminded that the policy of the Government is to completely eliminate the queue for admission to kindergartens by 2020, to provide access to high-quality secondary education in one shift and in a qualitative environment. And by 2020, the issue of investing in upgrading schools and vocational educational institutions will be resolved, in particular in the context of improving teachers' salaries, which help students to master the most popular professions.

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Education reform is creation of quality system from pre-school to high educational institutions, - Volodymyr Groysman




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