Hromadas of Andrushivka Rayon in Zhytomyr Oblast to finally form an AH

Territorial hromadas of the Andrushivka Rayon are reaching the finishing line in the process of AH formation with the centre in Andrushivka city. The Volosiv, Nova Kotelnya and Stara Kotelnya village councils have agreed to join the Andrushivka city council. All other village councils are not yet ready to develop together.

“The Andrushivka Rayon is challenging in terms of amalgamation process. But due to the joint work of the Zhytomyr LGDC, Andrushivka RSA, heads and deputies of village councils, we managed to find common unifying factors,” emphasises Vasyl Nevmerzhytskyi, Director of the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre.

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amalgamation of hromadas


Житомирська область


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