How to use good governance tools in hromada – practical guide appeared

Practical Guide to Good Governance Benchmarking (DOWNLOAD 470 kB) is prepared on the basis of the materials of the Council of Europe’s Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform within the framework of the Council of Europe Programme “Decentralisation and Territorial Consolidation in Ukraine”.

Indicated principles of good governance and benchmarking tools are the result of many years of research on the issues of good governance in the member states of the Council of Europe and recommended by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The manual also provides a commentary on the European Charter of Local Self-Government prepared by the Council of Europe.

The materials of the publication can be used to introduce modern European approaches in public administration, check the level of good governance implementation in hromadads, including in the process of local self-government reform and decentralisation.


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How to use good governance tools in hromada – practical guide appeared


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