Experts named seven aspects of a high-quality administrative building

Nowadays public building functions acquire new meaning. Experts of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s support to improved administrative service delivery formulated seven key features of the building, the functions of which help residents solve daily issues, i.e. receive public services, consultations, hold meetings with the authorities, etc.

Seven aspects of a proper administrative building:

  • open office (no private offices)
  • light interior and proper equipment in and outside
  • accessibility for all – presence of ramp
  • children’s play corner
  • changing table and conditions for people with disabilities
  • compliance with energy efficiency standards
  • adjoining territory landscaping, for example, bicycle parking

The manual on “Experience of Physical Establishment of the ASC in the Framework of the Inception Phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme” was presented In January. It provides practical recommendations for the physical establishment, modernisation and visualisation of the ASC premises for administrative service delivery. The manual can be downloaded in the ASC section of our online library and on the website of the Programme.

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