Zhytomyr Oblast’s hromadas involve youth in territory development

Effective youth policy formation in hromadas is necessary in the process of territory development, since any strategies, projects and initiatives are important when hromada population is active and young people do not leave. The AHs of the region are currently facing significant problems of youth involvement in hromada territory development. Rural areas have particular shortage of modern youth spaces that would contribute to the development of hromada institutional capacity. The lack of youth councils, youth centres, an outdated network of village clubs and libraries create a situation where young people find themselves in the streets and in the Internet.

In the framework of the “Human Potential Development in Hromadas: HR Policy in AH” package, developed by the team of the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre, ewstablished by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, last year a series of exercises was held to activate the youth of amalgamated hromadas. Young people from 18 AHs attended the training on “Youth Activation in Hhromadas”, and in June 2018, the youth forum “Youth Opportunities in Hromadas within Decentralisation” was organised for 80 participants, of which 60 represented the youth of six AHs.

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Zhytomyr Oblast’s hromadas involve youth in territory development

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