Decentralisation in Chernihiv Oblast: achievements of 2018

The successes of the decentralisation reform in the oblast are well-known to the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, since the LGDC experts cooperate with already existing amalgamated hromadas and help to form new ones.

The LGDC's activity and its role in the life of the Chernihiv Oblast’s hromadas were discussed on 30 January during a press conference “Chernihiv LGDC - successes, challenges and achievements of the decentralisation reform in the Chernihiv Oblast in 2018”.

Iryna Kudryk, director of the Chernihiv LGDC, outlined priority directions of the institution's work, such as formation of capable hromadas, support to the regional policy development, implementation of sectoral reforms.

“Most AHs have been formed during 2015-2017. 37 AHs have been functioning in the oblast since 1 January 2018. Due to joint work of hromadas and the expert community supporting them, five hromadas completed their amalgamation processes and two urban AHs with centres in the cities of oblast significance were formed in 2018. Besides, the processes of accession to already existing hromadas have begun. And this is very significant, since the residents of villages, located next to AH, see positive changes there and make decisions to become its part. For example, five village councils are accessing the Vertiyivska AH, which includes two village councils. And this is a success”, noted Iryna Kudryk.

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Decentralisation in Chernihiv Oblast: achievements of 2018

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