School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas Programme accepts applications by 4 February

Amalgamated hromadas (AHs) are invited to participate in the second wave of the special School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas Programme, implemented by the Innovative Education Centre “Pro.Svit” with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas Programme focuses on the development of schools’ autonomy and their organisational culture. The purpose of the programme is to develop education in hromadas through an effective, transparent and trustworthy interaction between AH education authority and schools, as well as among all participants in the educational process at each school participating in the programme.

The programme offers participants a professional mentor support, assistance in the development and implementation of the education development strategy, formation of an effective educational sector in the AH, and establishment of effective communication among all participants in the educational process of this AH.

Total duration of the programme is from January till December 2019.

Whom is the School 3.0 Programme for?

The School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas” Programme invites not individual schools or their representatives, but amalgamated hromadas that submit a complex application.

NOTE! The participants may be AHs with the population not less than 5 thousand residents and a formed education management body. The advantage is given to hromadas that have not yet participated in international technical assistance programmes.

If your hromada has already applied for the first wave of the programme, it is not required to fill in a questionnaire for the second wave, as questionnaire forms of the first wave are also valid for participation in the second wave.

How to take part in the competitive selection?

To participate in the selection, a joint application is submitted by three parties from one AH:

· director of a hub school or a large school (more than 300 pupils) within the AH;

· director of another school regardless of the status and number of pupils;

· head of the local education authority.

Each party should fill in a questionnaire independently, indicating two other parties. The application takes part in the competition, if the organisers receive questionnaires from all three parties within the framework of one AH.

The questionnaire is personally filled in by directors of two schools and a representative of the education management body, who intends to participate in the programme.

The questionnaire can be found via the link:

Applications are accepted until 4 February 2019 (inclusive).

If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact us:

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas Programme accepts applications by 4 February


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