U-LEAD with Europe Programme is studying new needs of hromadas

On 23 January, specialists from the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre, established by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, began information visits to the Zhytomyr Oblast’s hromadas together with the specialists from the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. Experts will conduct a survey on public investments in local economic development.

“In December 2018, 45 hromadas received questionnaires to fill them in with socio-economic status of AHs and identify priority areas for investment in hromadas. Now we are moving on to the next stage, and together with KIIS representatives we will visit all hromadas to discuss and update the collected data,” emphasises Vasyl Nevmerzhytskyi, Director of the Zhytomyr LGDC.

Hromada experts filled in the questionnaires will the data on economic development and priority projects. For example, the Kurnenska AH identified thermo-modernisation of the Strybizh School and construction of an outpatient clinic in Kurne village as the key projects.

“The collected information will help to see the needs of hromadas in infrastructure development. And this in turn will show what funds and priorities are relevant today. This information will help to work more efficiently with investors,” said Heorhii Fedoruk, regional development adviser of the Zhytomyr LGDC.

Prior to the beginning of February, all visits to hromadas should take place, and the analytical work of specialists of the Institute of Sociology, which should prepare comprehensive study by May 2019, will continue. The results will serve as a source of information about the needs of AHs for the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and its follow-up activities to formulate proposals on support to AHs.


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U-LEAD with Europe Programme is studying new needs of hromadas


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