US Peace Corps offers volunteers’ assistance to Ukrainian hromadas

There is another chance for NGOs and local self-government bodies to improve their organisational capacity, project activity and interaction with partners due to assistance of an American volunteer.

The U.S. federal government agency Peace Corps in Ukraine announces a new competition to find host organisations for American volunteers from the “Hromada Development” project.

The host party may be local self-government bodies, NGOs or charitable organisations. Cooperation will last for two years from October 2019 to October 2021.

American volunteers will share experience in accordance with the following project objectives:

  1. Strengthening capacity of organisations and learning encouragement that would contribute to organisational development.

  2. Improvement of existing project design and management practices.

  3. Facilitation of a coherent interaction between organisations and their partners.

Applications are accepted online by 31 January 2019:

The description of the project and a questionnaire for host families are included in the attachment:

1_Description of the “Hromada Development” project

2_Questionnaire for host families

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US Peace Corps offers volunteers’ assistance to Ukrainian hromadas


Громадський простір

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