10 cities to compete for the Youth Capital of Ukraine-2019 title

A regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of the national competition Youth Capital of Ukraine was held on 12 December 2018, during which the finalists were identified. 10 cities will compete for the winner’s title and the Youth Capital of Ukraine-2019 status:

  1. Ivano-Frankivsk
  2. Kamyanets-Podilskyi
  3. Kremenchuk
  4. Lutsk
  5. Mariupol
  6. Odesa
  7. Ternopil
  8. Kharkiv
  9. Khmelnytskyi
  10. Chernihiv

On 21 December the final stage of the competition will take place, during which delegations from the finalist cities with the participation of local authorities and youth will substantiate why their city should be the Youth Capital of Ukraine-2019.

Online broadcasting of the final stage of the competition will be available on the official competition website: youthcapital.org.ua

Additional information: youthcapital.org.ua, www.facebook.com/youthcapitalofukraine

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Міністерство молоді та спорту України

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