Together, we are changing the country for the better, - Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman’s address on the Local Self-Governance Day

“Local self-government plays a much larger role in the life of citizens than any central or local executive authorities, and is also a determining factor in the country’s regional development and the socio-economic revival of the Ukrainian hromadas. It is pleasant to see that local self-government bodies act more efficiently each year, solve most problems, providing a comfortable life for our citizens. And certain people, who have taken over responsibility, are standing behind these successes,” said Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in his congratulatory speech on Local Self-Governance Day:

“Decentralisation has opened new opportunities for the country. After decades of existence of a rigid centralised system, local self-government has gained real incentives for social, economic, and cultural accomplishments of hromadas. The reform of the decentralisation of power brought about the changes nobody thought of and imagined some five years ago. These are concrete deeds the local self-government representatives are proud of today: the construction of new kendergartens and schools, modernisation of cultural and healthcare facilities, infrastructure, roads and bridges.

An important stage in the local self-government development was the formation of amalgamated hromadas, that have many levers to implement self-government, earn and accumulate funds, investments in the local economy. More than 800 AHs are already enjoying a new status and new opportunities. During the current year, we have directed UAH 1.3 billion for the development of amalgamated hromadas. The Government has begun the process of transferring land outside of the boundaries of settlements – 479 AHs have already received 938 thousand hectares of land. We see the success of these steps – the revenues of amalgamated hromadas grow by times.

The Government is determined to further protect the decentralisation reform. We have already said goodbye to the absurd system, when the funds earned on the ground were taken from the hromadas to the “centre” and then administratively distributed among hromadas from the “centre”. People become real masters of their land, have all the opportunities for self-management and are responsible for the development of their hromadas. I believe that decentralisation is one of the most important prerequisites for our further success, economic development of the country. Therefore, the Government and personally I will make every effort to continue the reform of local self-government and further profound implementation of decentralisation.

I express my gratitude to all representatives, employees and activists of local self-government and wish you further achievements for the benefit of Ukrainian hromadas, our society, our country! Our common future is in our hands, in the hands of every hromada and every citizen! Together, we are changing the country for the better! "

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Together, we are changing the country for the better, - Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman’s address on the Local Self-Governance Day


Volodymyr Groysman


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