Ministry of Finance opened data on all local budgets

From now on the information on all local budgets of Ukraine is publicly available, as reported by the State Institution “Open Public Finance” in Facebook.

“We have published the information on all local budgets of Ukraine on the state portal Open Budget of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine,” the institution reports.

On the website it is possible to select a settlement and analyse how its budget is being formed: number of own revenues, state and local budget subsidies. There is also a possibility to check up expenditures – allocation of financial resources by the local authorities.

The State Institution “Open Public Finance” was established by the Ministry of Finance to elaborate and administer “Transparent Budget” information and analytical system.

It should be mentioned that, pursuant to the Government, due to budget decentralisation own revenues of local budgets of all levels have increased by 3.4 times – from UAH 68.6 billion in 2014 up to UAH 231 billion in 2018.


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Ministry of Finance opened data on all local budgets




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