36 AHs to participate in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Upgrading Municipal Waste Management Services in AHs”

36 Amalgamated hromadas in three pilot oblasts (the Dnipropetrovsk, Volyn and Zhytomyr ones) have been selected for participation in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Upgrading Municipal Waste Management Services” jointly implemented with the GIZ Sustainable Economic Development Cluster.

Selected amalgamated hromadas are as follows: 

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

  1. Varvarivska
  2. Illarionivska
  3. Pershotravnevska
  4. Rayivska
  5. Kytayhorodska
  6. Verbkivska
  7. Tomakivska
  8. Bozhedarivska
  9. Krynychanska
  10. Lyashkivska
  11. Vakulivska
  12. Devladivska
  13. Saksahanska
  14. Svyatovasylivska

Zhytomyr Oblast

  1. Ovrutska
  2. Olevska
  3. Chervonenska
  4. Brusylivska
  5. Horodnytska
  6. Bilokorovytska
  7. Yemilchynska
  8. Kornynska
  9. Ushomyrska
  10. Lyubarska
  11. Luhynska

Volyn Oblast

  1. Kniahynynivska
  2. Boratynska
  3. Dubivska
  4. Kopachivska
  5. Lyubeshivska
  6. Holobska
  7. Lyubomlska
  8. Rivnenska
  9. Smidynska
  10. Lytovezka
  11. Ustyluzka

Within the framework of the project representatives of the selected AHs will participate in the training course aimed at upgrading capacities related to the waste management services. The selected hromadas will also receive technical assistance in elaboration of the action plans on waste management, using new approaches for effective and transparent service provision. With participation of national experts the project plans to organise a set of awareness raising measures to improve the culture of waste handling among all groups of local population.





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