Expert: “Village is not about shovel, but high technologies”

Andriy Pyshnyi, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Oshchadbank”, debunked one of the agricultural stereotypes in the “Time of Opportunities” programme on the 5th Channel.

“When we talk about agriculture, there is usually a certain stereotype, as if it is something, you know, backward: it’s about a shovel, a plow. Quite the opposite, it’s about high technologies! It’s about high technologies and competitiveness, that require learning and investor attraction,” convinced Mr Pyshnyi.

At the same time, he explained how the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine could obtain the necessary resource for development.

“Decentralisation is, first of all, the ability to obtain a necessary resource. Then, the intellectual potential of the team disposing of this resource must properly direct it... Decentralisation provides these resources and powers. If we talk about the banking sector, 25 top-banks of Ukraine have declared the development of small and medium-sized business as their priority. Small and medium-sized business is the regions, including, primarily, amalgamated hromadas, agroindustrial complex, agritourism, retail business, and finally internal market,” the expert said.

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Expert: “Village is not about shovel, but high technologies”



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