Mykhaylivka became centre of amalgamated hromada

The resolution of the head of the oblast state administration approved the conclusion on the conformity to the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine of draft decisions on the voluntary amalgamation of hromadas of the Mykhaylivka rual settlement council, Burchak and Tymoshivka village councils of the Mykhaylivka rayon into the Mykhaylivka rural settlement amalgamated hromada of the Mykhaylivka rayon of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

The draft decisions of the Mykhaylivka rural settlement council, Burchak and Tymoshivka village councils “On voluntary amalgamation of hromadas” are elaborated in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On voluntary amalgamation of hromadas” and correspond to the Constitution of Ukraine.

They had previously come through a mandatory public discussion.

The Mykhaylivka rural settlement amalgamated hromada with its centre in the urban settlement Mykhaylivka will be located within the Mykhaylivka rayon, and will include hromadas of the urban settlement Mykhaylivka, Vovkivka, Novovolodymyrivka, Pershotravneve, Petrivka, Tarsalak villages of the Mykhaylivka village council, Burchak village of the Burchak village council, and Tymoshivka village of the Tymoshivka village council.

The amalgamation into the Mykhaylivka rural settlement hromada is carried out in accordance with the long-term plan for the establishment of hromadas of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast, approved by the resolution No 938-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 16 September 2015.



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