The Government Increased Wages to Local Self-Government Officials

On 24 May, the Cabinet of Ministers amended Addenda 48-55 to its Resolution No. 268 "On Improvement of the Payment Structure and Remuneration to Administrative Staff of Bodies of Executive Power, Public Prosecution Bodies, Courts, and Other Bodies", dated 9 March 2006.

As is known, in accordance with Law of Ukraine No. 889-VIII "On Public Service", dated 10 December 2015, official salaries of public officials were increased. At the same time, official salaries of officials of local self-government bodies remained unchanged.

To increase official salaries of local self-government officials and to ensure the differentiation of official salaries in view of the increased minimum wage, the Ministry of Social Policy developed a respective draft regulation.

With its adoption, the remuneration to village and town councils representing the interests of the amalgamated territorial communities and to their executive committees is determined and the provision on the payment of allowances for outstanding performance or for particularly important work to the said officials is renewed.

The resolution passed by the Government will be implemented under the expenditure categories appropriated for the remuneration to officials of local self-government bodies.

The increased wage will facilitate the enhancement of prestige of service in the bodies of local self-government.

You can find the respective draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine HERE


the Ministry of Social Policy

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