The Head of Verkhovna Rada pointed out the importance of the speediest processing of the first set of amendments on decentralization of authority

Today the Constitutional Commission has to complete the consideration of organizational issues and start real work as soon as possible. The statement was made by the Chairperson of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Head of the Constitutional Commission Volodymyr Groysman, who opened the second meeting of the Commission on Wednesday, April 15.

Groysman said that the major task of today’s meeting was the approval of personal composition of the workgroups within the Commission. The workgroups will work on constitutional amendments. He reminded that three workgroups had already been established to introduce amendments, concerning human rights, judicial reform, and decentralization into the Basic Law.

Groysman also noted that Commission members had to approve an approximate schedule of work of the Commission and approve members of its secretariat. They also have to discuss proposals as to development of amendments for the Constitution of Ukraine, according to directions of respective workgroups’ activity.

The Head of Verkhovna Rada pointed out the importance of the speediest processing of the first set of amendments as to the decentralization of power. He noted that after the elaboration of the text of the respective draft law, it would have to be handed over to the President of Ukraine, and presented for consideration to Verkhovna Rada. Groysman said that Verkhovna Rada would have to consider this draft law, send it to the Constitutional Court to receive its conclusion, and preliminarily approve it before the end of current session of the Parliament, in order to finally adopt the amendments to the Basic Law before local election, expected in autumn.

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