Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted as a basis the draft law on amendments to several legislative acts of Ukraine on decentralization of powers in the sphere of architecture and construction control and improving the town planning legislation

The draft law suggests transferring functions of conduction of state architecture and construction control from the central executive authority, which implements the state architectural and construction control policy, to local self-government bodies and local executive authorities. It also envisions simplification of several authorization and approval procedures in construction.

Particularly, the document provides, that submission of documentation, which authorizes conduction of preparatory and construction works, conduction of state architecture and construction control, and putting into operation of fully constructed objects can be performed by executive bodies of village, settlement, city councils for architecture and construction control – for objects, located on the territory of settlements; by structural divisions of raion state administrations for state architecture and construction control – for objects, located outside settlement limits; by a central executive authority, which implements state architecture and construction control policy through Principal inspectors of construction supervision – for objects, located on territories of several administrative and territorial units.

The draft law also suggests improvement of the procedure of submitting declaration on completing preparation and construction works; reduction of the term of technical requirements issue in the respective sphere; usage of autonomous engineering support systems; improvement of legal liability in the abovementioned sphere.

Respective amendments shall be introduced into the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements, laws "On Principles of Urban Development", "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", “On Local State Administrations”, “On Architectural Activity”, “On Regulation of Urban Development Activity”, "On Court Fee", “On Liability for Infringements of Law in Urban Development Sphere.”          
The draft law was registered under No. 1546.

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